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Robot Name: TBA
Game To Be Announced In January 2024


Robot Name: Drew
 The goal of the 2023 Charged Up game is to compete to score cubes and cones into their respective grids to support their community, the c
ommunity is alliance's home base, meaning no bot from another alliance can enter their community. The robots goal is to then dock charge stations on their side of the community to earn points for their alliance and balance the beam. 


Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 11.31.07 AM.png


Robot Name: TBA
The goal of the 2022 Rapid React game is to score the cargo balls into the lower and upper sections of the hub, the teams are able to score additional points by climbing the hanger rungs to the highest their robot can achieve. We achieved an outstanding position of 3rd place that year, an incredible position as a rookie team.


Robot Name: Shawn
The goal of the 2019 game is to use design and strategy with fellow teams to place panels upon rocket and cargo structures and launch cargo into the structure in order to gather as many points as possible. This year there are added obstructions such a as sand storm. 

2018 - POWER UP


Robot Name: The Green Scare

The goal of the 2018 game was to take control of the scale and switches to score points. Cubes must be delivered to use power ups.




Robot Name: Thiqq Boi

The goal of the 2017 game was to first deliver cogs from a delivery chute to a peg. From there the cog would be lifted up so that it could be dropped into a gear-train, used to spin up some rotors. Robots also had to shoot wiffle balls into a hoop and climb a rope at the end of the match.

With this bot we won 2nd place at the greater KC regional and advanced to worlds.



Robot Name: Dingus 

The 2016 game was announced on January 9 to be FRIST Stronghold, a game that involved of climbing over obstacles and launching a foam boulder (dodgeball) into a high or low goal. During a match, six robots were on the field trying to earn the highest amount of points by breaching the obstacles and launching the boulders into the goals. Three robots on the blue alliance and three robots on the red alliance.  


The video below is the original video released on kickoff day. It lays out the simple points of the game. 


Robot Name: The Green Arrow

The 2015 game was announced on January 3 to be Recycle Rush, a game that involved stacking crates, or totes. On top of the crates, recycling bins or recycling bins filled with 'litter' (essentially pool noodles) can be stacked to earn additional points for the robotics team. 

With this Bot we won the Judges award at the Oklahoma Regional


Official Game Manual


Robot Name: The Schlotbot

Our robot this year was challenged to pick up a large ball, load it in our launching mechanism, and then launch it in to a high goal or roll in to a low goal. Additional points were earned by passing the ball in different zones to our alliance teams. 


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