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The information below may not be accurate, and many fundraising options listed could be outdated.

Please do contact us if you would like to donate to our robotics program.


Our goal is to raise $28,000 per year to operate our robotics program.  


This covers the cost of

  • Competition entry fees = $15,000

  • Travel Expenses = $6,000 

  • Operating budget (shirts, tools, equipment, safety equip. etc.) = $2,000

  • Robot parts and equipment = $5,000+ 


More detail of our business plan and budget breakdown is HERE


Please take a moment to visit our current fundraiser. Every bit supports our team.​

  1. Saver's Thrift Store Fundraiser

  2. Feast With The Falcons

  3. Silent Auction

  4. Donations

  5. Falcon Club

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